Debra Bronstein, MFT

The decision to enter personal therapy is, in itself, a movement towards the rich potential of our being. We have a natural drive towards awakening, and for most of us the process of self-reflection is a necessary component of that journey. To have an environment and a relationship dedicated to that specific purpose alone, is the aim of individual therapy.

A painful experience or impasse is usually what motivates our first phone call, times when we are in direct contact with an obstacle to our sense of self and well-being. We have usually already tried our best to rearrange things both internally and externally, and our known strategies haven't worked. Often we come into therapy with an existing sense of failure that only compounds our pain. We can all be pretty brutal with ourselves at times.

Through developing an attitude of kindness and a growing acceptance of our own humanness, we can learn to move our shame aside and see what's really there. The simple truth of our experience can be liberating in and of itself, and can also lead us towards action that is authentic and right for ourselves.
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