Debra Bronstein, MFT
Relational Skills for Techies and Gamers:

This is the age of internet everything, and a large percentage of our population has grown up within the reality of virtual reality. It is now possible for many of us to never leave our homes...we can do our jobs, learn about anything, shop for anything, and enter into fantastic imaginary worlds. In many ways, this has been a boon to our way of living: so much potential to exchange ideas and information, and so much astounding creativity to witness and participate in.

With all this wondrous technology, some people find themselves lost within it. These are people who are typically brilliant at their work and passionate about games, but may be lonely for a different kind of contact. No longer kids and perhaps wanting a relationship, they find themselves awkward in their attempts to relate to another human being, face-to-face and in a non-virtual reality.

It is possible to reclaim our full relational capacity by learning to sense into our own humanity, and to recognize the humanity of others. This is not rocket science (which you are already too good at), it is the “science” of connecting consciously and mutually with others - something only humans can do.
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